Ed Balduzzi - Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist

"The wheel has come full circle.” - William Shakespeare

In the Fall of 2016, Ed Balduzzi, a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, who was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, returned to Central New York after living both out West and down South since 2005. Written while living in Virginia, Balduzzi plans to release a new album entitled "Carry On" by the summer of 2017, and has been gigging in and around the CNY area in such venues as Funk & Waffles, the Camillus Grill, and The Westcott Theater where Ed and bandmates have opened for Hot Buttered Rum, Wobblesauce, Cornmeal, and The Blind Owl Band to name a few. Look for the new album this summer, and tour dates to follow...

Ed chose a musical path from a young age. With the help of supportive parents, including his father who once sang in a barbershop quartet, Ed’s early experiences in music included piano lessons and recitals, school concert band and jazz combo (alto saxophone), and school chorus. At age seventeen, Ed fell in love with the acoustic guitar, began writing his own songs, and the instrument has been a catalyst ever since.

While living in Syracuse, Ed was a founding member of the “Tumbleweed Jones Band”, a popular local cover band, and also began a songwriting partnership with fellow guitarist Brian Todd Wetmore that lasts today. Calling themselves “The Thicket,” the two have thus far recorded three independent works: ‘American Sunrise’ (2000), ‘Knock On ‘(2005), and ‘Live…in the Thicket’ (2009).

In the fall of 2005 Ed Balduzzi moved to San Diego, California and his musical journey continued. He performed in both large clubs and intimate coffee houses, neighborhood bars and wine bistros, this time mostly as a solo acoustic act. It was while living in San Diego that Ed wrote, recorded, and co-produced a collection of six songs entitled ‘On This Road’(2013).

In early 2012 life’s journey took Ed back to the east coast, living this time outside of Washington, DC in Reston, Virginia. Having moved to a new area once again, music remained the one constant, and Ed Balduzzi performed all around the greater DC area as a solo acoustic act, and with the Ed Balduzzi Band. He completed a degree certification program in Pro Tools audio engineering/recording at Northern Virginia Community College, with notable instructor and musician Sanjay Mishra.

In the Fall of 2016, Ed and family moved back home. Living back in Central New York now, Ed plans to continue playing and recording music and collaborating with old friends on musical projects and gigs in the area where he grew up...check out the "Shows" page here for gig listings!

On This Road - Available Now

The name of my new album, “On This Road,” is meant to be taken both figuratively and literally. We are all on our individual and collective roads in life. For me, that road has included music, and as of late, travel. 

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